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  • Pilgrimage Open to All: Bring your own Beliefs March 23, 2018
    There are other clear commonalities between pilgrimage and farming, grounded in the idea that the land itself is holy and that our interaction with, and care of the land, is of great significance. Farmers understand the value of the natural capital found within the fields –  its soil, sources of water and other resources are crucial to the health of the land […]
  • Car Culture March 23, 2018
    The truth is that Jim made a practical choice.  He had bought something he could afford.  He wasn’t a pretentious jerk, a privileged snob, a hyper-critical college know-it-all, or a buffoon with delusions of grandeur.  He was a hard worker who needed reliable transportation to get to and from work. […]
  • Fossil Fuels are the Problem, Say Fossil Fuel Companies Being Sued March 23, 2018
    This appears to be the core of the oil companies’ strategy. First, believe everything the IPCC says. Second, the IPCC says the real problem is prosperity, economic growth! Therefore, blame the ones burning the oil — all we did was dig the stuff up. […]
  • Culture Shift: Redirecting Humanity’s Path to a Flourishing Future March 23, 2018
    What do all these ideas have in common—a tax on carbon, big investments in renewable energy, a livable minimum wage, and freely accessible healthcare? The answer is that we need all of them, but even taken together they’re utterly insufficient to redirect humanity away from impending catastrophe and toward a truly flourishing future. […]
  • The Big Story: Can We Change Civilization by Changing Its Origin Story? March 23, 2018
    The “oil curse” refers to a long-studied phenomenon in which states that adopt petroleum as a significant foundation of their economy tend toward dictatorship. Of the top ten oil producing countries in the world, nine are oligarchies. […]