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  • Seed and the Commons April 19, 2018
    One such organisation is OpenSourceSeeds (OSS). By equipping plant breeders and propagators with a free, open-source licence for the seeds they breed, they provide the necessary legal protection to prevent the patenting of the seed by other parties. […]
  • These States want to Make Planning a Pipeline Protest a Crime April 19, 2018
    As pipeline protests continue to delay and, sometimes, stop energy projects in their tracks, the fossil fuel industry and Republican lawmakers are looking for new ways to clamp down on environmental protest. […]
  • Cursed to Live in Interesting Times April 19, 2018
    In this article I connect the fall in the growth rate, with its roots in the rising costs of energy extraction and generation, to declining resilience in the economic system. These are in turn related to a more conflict ridden geo-politics. […]
  • Everything that Rises must Converge April 19, 2018
    In a time of fall and fragmentation , if you are wise, you do not look for the powerful Ones with their faraway promises and angry rhetoric. What you find yourself searching for is something real, something coherent, something you can count on — your relationship with fabric of things, a certain meaning that comes from the natural world, held instinctively i […]
  • Great Barrier Reef at ‘Unprecedented’ Risk of Collapse after Major Bleaching Event April 19, 2018
    The record-breaking marine heatwave in 2016 across the Great Barrier Reef has left much of the coral ecosystem at an “unprecedented” risk of collapse, research shows. A new study published in Nature finds that the surge in sea temperatures during the 2016 bleaching event led to an immediate and long-lasting die-off of coral. […]